Auto Body & Paint

Our specialized team loves what they do for a living, and it shows. Our customers will receive nothing but the best results. It will be like getting a brand new car!

If you need a paint job, there is nowhere else to go but Auto Reconditioning U.B.a.d. Corp. Our advisor provides you with the best information for what your vehicle needs and what will work best for your car, assisting you in your decision.

Auto Reconditioning U.B.a.d. Corp. is willing to work with accidents and mishaps. We work with most insurance companies.

At our auto body shop we take the time to remove and replace any damaged parts. You have a choice of having us replace the part with a new, after-market, or used part; or we can fix the original damaged part.

If you are not in the market for a complete paint job, we can touch-up your car for a fresh new look. We mix the paint ourselves for an exact color match. We offer a variety of services — including air brushing — to make your car look like new again.

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